Thanksgiving Week!

I really don’t know where November went! I know as we get older, time seems to move faster – and kids definitely hit fast forward on that – but wow! I blinked and it’s almost December.

I am sorry that I have been a little MIA – after returning from an exciting OnStage weekend in Pittsburgh, I jumped right into a birthday party for my little guy and then got sidelined by some daycare cooties! (Well, not me, but the little guy).

I hope you are all fairing well (so many viruses seem to be running rampant – I guess they’re all jealous that COVID has had the spotlight for this long! Seriously, I hope you are all healthy and safe).

The OnStage event was super exciting – and it was so awesome to be back in person with all my crafting friends. The energy in the venue was awesome – and I know that I needed a super dose of that. We got to see eachother:

We got to see new products:

We got a super awesome swag bag with new products, a sweet bag, and a notebook and pen (which being a stationary nerd thrilled me beyond anything):

It was a great time! One of the recurring topics discussed by the emcees of this meeting and by the demonstrators that were chosen to present was how important the friendships and bonds are that were created because of our crafting ties. It’s true! It sounds sappy but again, it’s true.

I originally looked for a crafty outlet after my first son was born (you know, to help address the whole “I only go to work and do laundry” feeling I had – I wanted to do something that was just for me). I found a demonstrator only two blocks away – how perfect was that! – and the rest is history. I’ve met such wonderful people through crafting – I’m so happy I hit “Find a Demonstrator” on the Stampin’ Up! website almost 7 years ago. (Now that I’m taking over the office with my crafting supplies, I’m not sure my husband is as glad – haha)

If you want to get your hands on the new mini catalog and to find out about the awesome Join opportunity available in January – contact me today!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family – I’ll be posting some projects that I am making for my upcoming craft fair – the Noel Boutique. It’s every year, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend at St. Francis Cabrini in Coram, New York. It’s always a wonderful time – a lot great vendors (including moi – haha)

Two more pics- because I can – if you are ever in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania – stop at Condados Tacos and get the muddled jalapeno margarita – yum:

And if you are in Loganton, Pennsylvania (right off 80) – stop at the Twilight Diner and get the Loaded Pancake – I’m still existing off the delicious calories from this.

Hope you have a happy, crafty day!

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