Welcome to Cardnmum by Jen Morgano

Here we are, my second attempt at blogging – thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

I hope by exploring these pages, you can see how awesome paper crafting is – there’s nothing like making a personalized card, gift holder, bag (you name it, you can make it) with a few cuts, folds, and dabs of glue!

Some call it therapy for the creator (surely, I agree with that) but there is also something to be said for what happens when someone receives their handmade item – their eyes light up, a smile wrinkles the corner of their mouth – I think now more than ever, we can all use some happy personal connections.

I’ll be sharing some projects I make – with tutorials and supply lists, if you are interested. I’m hoping to start in-person classes again once we are over this COVID disruption.

Stay tuned – I look so forward to sharing my creations with you!

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